18 Questions Interview with Mr. Gnome

Everything you need to know about Mr. Gnome they answer with our 18 Questions interview. Well maybe not everything. I’ve got a feeling these guys have an entertaining answer for every question.

1. Tell us about the band?
We are a duo from Cleveland, Ohio that plays indie/psychedelic/rock music.  We like time travel, porn, beer, liquor, marijuana, John Titor, The Frogs, and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. We travel around the country in a sweet ass ride called, “the Silver Bullet” and we enjoy sleeping on random people’s couches.

2. Have you ever been fed up with playing music or with band members, why?
Fed up with playing music?…no because that’s how we expel our demons.  Band members?  Yes.  Sam’s actually locked in the closet right now on a timeout for calling me names that I WILL NOT REPEAT.

3. What was your first concert experience? Do you remember how you felt once the concert was over?
Sam: My first concert was when I was 5 years old and my dad took the family to go see Blood, Sweat and Tears.  Shortly after arriving and taking our seats on the lawn, the cops approached my dad and said, “Where’d you get that beer?  You can’t bring beer in here.”  Then my sweet daddy slowly turned around and whispered in my ear, “Hey little buddy. Put this in your pocket,” and kissed me on the forehead. And that was my first introduction to acid…

4. Did you grow up wanting to play music, or when did the whole making albums thing come about and how?
Yeah, once I started doing drugs it all seemed to make sense.  Sam just got into it for the orgies.

5. What qualifies you guys to be in a band?
I played the flute in Sixth Grade and Sam’s played the skin flute his whole life.  That’s how we met, a love for flutes.

6. Do you have a favorite song you have ever written? Why?
We’re writing a new album right now so that’s a hard one to answer…our favorites are always the ones we’re currently creating…

7. What is your greatness weakness as a band?
Our band name. It seems to really piss a lot of people off.  Come out from behind your computer and say it to our faces!

8. What qualities should a successful label or manager have?
I’m not really sure.  If you find out, please tell us.

9. What’s the scariest thing that has ever happened to you in your life?
Nicole:  Meeting Sam.
Sam:  Meeting Nicole.

Mr. Gnome – Slow Side

(click to play, right click to download)

10. What’s the first thing you do when the band arrives in a new town while on tour?
We like to go to thrift stores and look for old music gear for ridiculously cheap prices.  We just bought an old organ from a thrift store in Madison, Wisconsin for $20.00.

11. Have you ever had an audience member give you the willies because they kept looking at you all weird?
Yes, but usually after they watch us have sex they stop looking at us so funny.

12. Have you ever cried while listening to music? If so what were you listening too?
Nicole: Yes, the first time I listened to The Frogs, “Grandma’s in the Corner with a Penis in Her Hand Going No No No No.”  But they were tears of joy.

Sam:  I remember it like it was yesterday.  7th Grade Dance.  Yolanda Dukes forced me to be her boyfriend.  Boyz II Men, “On Bended Knee” came on.  Yolanda held me tight and laid one on me.  Her mustache poked my soft 7th grade boy skin.  Tears rolled down my cheek.  Dearest Yolanda, if you’re reading this, even though you scared the shit out of me, were 3 times bigger than me, made me contemplate my sexuality, and made me cry, you’ll always be my special first kiss.

13. If you could re-record, or re-write any song of yours what would that song be?
Our first two eps.  It’s like looking at our artwork from Kindergarten.

14. What’s the worst place you have ever played a show at, and why?
We played a show in Eureka, California where a 50 year-old lady kept yelling at us to stop playing because she wanted to listen to the jukebox.  At the same time a man in scrubs, we thought he was a doctor – apparently he was a mental patient – was dancing with toilet paper that he picked off the bottom of a woman’s shoe.  However, we did get paid in drugs, which more than made up for the strange night.  Although it wasn’t one of our best shows…by far the classiest.

15. In a perfect world how many albums would you have to sell to be happy?

16. What do you guys have planned for the future?
We’ll be touring the U.S. at the end of this month and plan to record our next album later in the year.

17. What music do you listen to when you are having a bad day?
Sam: The Footloose Soundtrack never seems to let me down.

18. If you had your life to live over again, what one thing would you change?
Nicole: Geez, these questions are intense.  I wouldn’t have stolen Pez at the drug store in the mall when I was 11.  I’ve always felt really bad about that.

Sam:  I’m thinking stickin’ with my basketball career would’ve been a lot more financially beneficial than my current career choice.

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