Watch: Mastodon “Deathbound”

Fraggle Rock death match, featuring an alien robot hero, burning trains of disaster, and more, comes care of the freaks at Adult Swim. Mastadon's "Deathbound" is a favorite video of ours and about time we posted it's glory here on IRR.


Everything you'd expect from LA's HEALTH is finally here. After 6 years of the back and forth tug-o-war with our hearts, HEALTH has announced a new album and tour with their new music video "New Coke." Death...

Watch: Dawes “Things Happen”

California's Dawes are looking forward to the release of their forthcoming album, All Your Favorite Bands, slated for June 2 on their own label HUB Records. In the meantime, they will be appearing on David...


Last Days of April Karl Larsson

Track: Last Days of April ‘Sea Of Clouds’ Album Sampler

Scandinavian's favorite emo rockers (since 1996) turned alt-country pop (as of now), Last Days of April, invite fans and curmudgeons alike to dig into some song snippets from their upcoming Tapete Records album Sea Of Clouds before it's release date of June 19th.



Zen Mystery Fog

Album Stream: Zen Mystery Fogg “Because of You”

Zen Mystery Fogg have crafted 4 breezy guitar heavy tracks with minimal hooks that soothe, more than blast their way into your eardrums. The Vancouver 5-piece release records via Kingfisher Bluez and have a new 7" record, Because of You which goes quite well with a stroll down the beach. Lucky us, the recording comes out April 18th.

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