For the past year, the royal “they” has determined rock music should sound like the mid-nineties again, which is a great notion excepting that outside a few rare examples (Speedy Ortiz’s Foil Deer is of particular note) we’ve mostly been handed paltry homages of sound rather than any semblance of the substantial songwriting that defined the era. Cue Ohio four-piece All Dogs.

About three weeks ago, All Dogs released two singles, “That Kind of Girl” and “Skin,” from their upcoming full-length Kicking Every Day. They each pulled an impressive number of plays on the band’s SoundCloud and with good reason. “That Kind of Girl,” for example, is a hard hitting, expertly textured track that takes a complex eye to the torment of suffocating in a partner’s expectations of who or what you should be. By blending such stellar songwriting with precise instrumentation and tone, the two tracks delivered everything that the 90’s revival promised us and then some.

Now, the full album stream premiered online via the The New York Times, and the rest of it plays just as well as the singles. Lead singer Maryn Jones’ crystal vocal lines walk us through a lurching lyrical fog of dense personal introspection. Meanwhile, the instrumentals provide lush, fuzzy landscapes of interweaving melodies and rhythms that can be at times both intricate and sparse yet always appropriate and engaging. This all comes together on Kicking Every Day to create a hard to pass up alt piece that’s a triumph from start to finish. Welcome to the new-nineties.

Listen to “That Kind of Girl,” “Skin” and the rest of the album below:

Kicking Every Day is slated for release August 28 via Salinas Records. Pre-order now!

All Dogs is unleashing themselves on a National tour in September:

09/04 | Detroit, MI
09/05 | Milwaukee, WI
09/06 | Minneapolis, MN
09/07 | Minot, ND
09/08 | Bozeman, MT
09/09 | Boise, ID
09/10 | Portland, OR
09/11 | Seattle, WA
09/12 | Humbolt, CA
09/13 | Oakland, CA
09/14 | San Francisco
09/15 | San Jose, CA
09/16 | Los Angeles, CA
09/18 | Las Vegas, NV
09/19 | Salt Lake City, UT
09/20 | Denver, CO
09/21 | Lawrence, KS
09/22 | Omaha, NE
09/23 | Chicago, IL
09/24 | Cincinnati, OH

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