In the most radical news of the year, Cave In and Old Man Gloom have announced they will be knocking the socks off of Mexico City on May’s 16th day. Not to be outdone is Stephen Brodsky‘s Mutoid Man, nothing super newsy to announce, they’re just awesome and we can’t wait for their full-length album, come out already, dammit. The following comes directly from Cave-In’s Facebook page, we liked reading it so much we decided to copy and paste it here.

“Hey MEXICO, We’re playing in you, and its soon! 16th of May, to be exact, in Mexico City. Also, it’s with fucking CAVE IN, so that rules. Neither bands has ever played in Mexico, so we’re super excited. We’re hoping it’s like when Journey plays in the Philippines, and they go nuts for the Filipino singer. Well, we have a Mexican in the band, so that should go over pretty well. Or no one will care, as usual. I think JR from Cave In is Puerto Rican, which isn’t even close, but hey, it’s something.
I should be writing all of this in spanish, but I don’t speak spanish, so…..

Here’s the event page with the details!:

(People from the Philippines are Filipinos. It’s not mispelled. I googled it.)”

Bored? Watch this Old Man Gloom video “The Lash”.

Here’s Cave In’s Black Sabbath “N.I.B” cover song video.

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