Bonson Berner’s Reflection, released March 10th on Forty Below Records, offers a melodic fusion of contemporary pop-rock style infused with subtle notes of their Argentinean roots that offers an appealing mix peppered with lush rhythmic verses and unanticipated bridges. As the tracks progress, the more the artistic impression begins to unfold and ends with one of the most accomplished songs on the album: “Desert.”

Lisandro “Pato” Aloi’s vocals are breathy and effortless with a fervent undertone. While the songs are saturated with deep, tingly synth-pop melodies, there is an unmistakable reverence to traditional styles by their use of horns, strings, and guitar which directly reflect the true, earnest heart​,​ and deep soulful offerings found in most South American rooted music.

I was pleasantly surprised by “Esta Noche en el Bar” which is a sassy jam; reminiscent of a smoky jazz club number with bold, saucy horns.

At times gritty, “Reflection” is a solid, well blended, extraordinarily strong follow up to their 2011 album How Can I Be An Immigrant If I’m In My Planet.

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