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Ninja Gun Free EP Download

Sabot Productions and Ninja Gun are giving away their new EP entirely for free, the tracks consist of slow rolling acoustic jams that sound to be inspired by summertime swims in midnight lakes. Ninja...
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Bang Bang Eche frontman offers Free Solo Album

Zach Doney, frontman for Bang Bang Eche, has surprised the world with a solo album under the moniker Teen Fortress just as the quartet is entering the studio to record its full-length debut. The Teen Fortress album, called Learning (Everything Has To End For Some Reason I Don’t Believe It), is available as a free download at
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Brett Detar ex-The Juliana Theory offers up free new album

It's been years since The Juliana Theory broke up. During the long hiatus fans have been waiting for a new offering from lead singer Brett Detar, but something deep down inside me sure is a thinkin' they won't be expecting the songs that compromise Bird In The Tangle to have musically taken such a direction as this. It's time to turn in your emo hair for shit kickers!
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Girl Talk ‘All Day’ Album Review

It’s a party play list that’s already been made for you. 12 songs, not meant to be played as separate tracks, but continuously. That’s the genius of it. You don’t know where the song ends, or begins. It all just flows, like a stream… if that stream was having a PARTY. Bump it up while your mom bastes the turkey. Unless she’s undeniably hip, she’ll probably slap you in your face.