Album Stream: Son Lux – ‘Bones’

Ryan Lott, aka Son Lux, knows how to make beats matter with his all new album Bones. This go-round he employed the talents of master guitarist Rafiq Bhatia, and drummer extraordinaire, Ian Chang. You can listen to the Bones in it's entirety below, and just in time before it hits the digital market place June 23rd, 2015.
Terrible Feelings band

Album Stream: Terrible Feelings “Tremors”

The dark cold of Sweden is a sweet elixir for art explorations as yet another radical band emerges, at least to our knowledge, from the land of Scandinavian genius, in the form of Terrible Feelings who have released upon our humble world a new album, Tremors, via Deranged Records. Listen below.
Zen Mystery Fog

Album Stream: Zen Mystery Fogg “Because of You”

Zen Mystery Fogg have crafted 4 breezy guitar heavy tracks with minimal hooks that soothe, more than blast their way into your eardrums. The Vancouver 5-piece release records via Kingfisher Bluez and have a new 7" record, Because of You which goes quite well with a stroll down the beach. Lucky us, the recording comes out April 18th.