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Interview: A Lull – Confetti

A Lull's new album Confetti is out now, so we had them do our 18 Questions. 1. Who's in the band? Where do I begin? Ha. The 5 of us have been friends for many years and have all been playing music most...
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18 Questions with Wild Palms

Louis Hill of Wild Palms answered our questions about his London based quintet's new album Until Spring which happens to come out April 12th via One Little Indian records. Below you can hear a track from...
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18 Questions Interview: Alcoholic Faith Mission

13. If you could re-record any song of yours what would that song be? AFM: No. Never. They represent progress. Every album is recorded from where we were at the time. It’s like saying you want to relive your youth – but would you really if you didn’t know what you know today? They stand as a testament of our youth. And of course we could never change that.
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Ferraby Lionheart answers 18 questions

I went back to Tennessee to hang around the train tracks near where I grew up. I ordered some microphones from Germany and wrote songs about antique shops and horse races. A friend of mine has a truck and some land out by the Cumberland River. We swim there and sink our feet into the deep mud of the river bed. I also sit in my front yard looking at the chipmunks and crows that hang around. Once a squirrel fell from a power line and lay on the street getting a little flatter each day, until the rain washed him away. And so that's what the album is about, I suppose. It's an intricate and emotional meditation on being alive.