So you’re in Echo Park cos that’s where you live (yeah, I KNOW where you live) and you’re like oh hey there’s this festival called Culture Collide and oh hey they get all these cool international acts I should check them out and oh sweet this one is called Death by Unga Bunga why the fuck wouldn’t I go see them, right? WRONG. That’s what I did but none of you donks even know how to be alive so let me tell you real quick about what it’s like.

Death by Unga Bunga is a supremely named 5 piece from Norway. One of those countries with great healthcare coverage and super chill prisons on the topside of Europe. They’ve been playing together for 7+ years now, and last night at the EchoPlex they slayed with their mighty mix of garage pop and power punk. With some of their lo-pop stylings they could easily find a home in the LA scene, excepting that the heavenly licks flying from lead guitarist Stian Gulbrandsen and the Jagger-esque shapes pulled by frontman Sebastian Ulstad Olsen, not to mention the stellar musicianship of the rhythm section, would place them in another tier musically. They play songs about important stuff like being best friends and french kissing and melted cheese/love and while they pull influence from lo-pop of the 60s and 70s, they carry their music with a unique modern voice rather than just standing on their predecessors’ shoulders.

Despite playing to an underwhelming number at the EchoPlex last night, they performed at an eleven 100% of the time and left the whole crowd, tiny as it may have been, breathless and wanting just a couple more goes. Lucky for you, you goddamn donks, you goddamn fucking donks who ignored this stellar band who flew all the way from god knows where at the top of Europe just to play this beautiful show for you, well you guessed it you donks that if you missed them, and I know you missed them, you can catch Death by Unga Bunga once more at 8:30pm tonight at Taix Restaurant.

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