There is a fine line when it comes to creating music that cannot be easily dismissed or pigeon-holed into a genre without a second thought, or a second spin, versus falling into the trap of being contrived and cookie-cutter. It is akin to being an actor and only getting roles based on that lousy horror flick you had to do so you could hone your acting chops.

Dark Waves is walking that line, and while there are aspects of the “Dark Waves” EP that could easily be misconstrued as broody, and Emo-esque complete with an image that borderlines “Dark Wave Alternative,” or *gasp* “Goth,” the latest single “Diamonds in the Dark” is a solid new offering which has the potential to transcend previously established boundaries, and break Dark Waves out of any misconception that their LP will wind up on the rotation of the mystical tree-dancing, black clothes wearing youth; misguided and misunderstood.

“Diamonds…” marries an effervescent rhythm with Nick Long’s velvety, impassioned vocals, which strike a harmonious balance that avoids sounding too pop-trashy or melancholic. Contrary to earlier lyrics, “Diamonds…” brings forth a level of cautious optimism, which is indicative of musical growth and a substantial confidence in the creative direction Dark Waves is heading towards.

Definitely not one to miss, and here’s hoping that the long-awaited LP continues on the trajectory “Diamonds…” has started.

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