Dead Meadow have spent the past seventeen years spinning a sludgy web of east coast psych rock. With influences pulling from the Led to the Lizard to the ceaseless droning of your own salivic brain, they lay claim to a solid lot of studio and live albums, including a session with John Peel and a killer half live / half surrealist film called Three Kings (link up some clips with your tubes). So since you’re a human being lost in the cosmic ether compulsively seeking out every last heavy groove and suckling from the tit of each final psychedelic tone, you better not miss their at Desert Stars Festival.

Here’s a video from the year 2k:

Dead Meadow plays Desert Stars Festival 2k15 Friday, Sept. 25 on the Outside Stage from 7:10PM-8PM. Get your tickets! More of the Indie Rock Reviews Top 10 at Desert Stars here.

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