It’s really depressing when a quick Google search of an artist only pulls up a Pitchfork article. 99% of the time you can’t even trust whatever that article is going to say so you end up left with pretty much nothing, which makes it pretty difficult to decide whether you’re going to take the time to traverse a festival just to catch someone. Well today, we give you a reason.

Josh T. Pearson may not have released new material since his post-divorce album Last Of the Country Gentlemen in 2011 but that hardly makes him irrelevant. The founder of the band Lift To Experience (who only lived to be an album old), Pearson’s solemn folk songs only scratch the surface of half of his personality – the real gold is in his humor and overall rich presence. His tales can be harsh but they’re honest and swollen with truth and heart.

Take a note from this live acoustic performance of “Woman, When I’ve Raised Hell” shot at Recorded in in Dijon, France during Kill your Pop Festival in 2010.

Pearson plays Desert Stars Festival 2k15 Saturday, Sept. 26 on the Inside Stage from 8PM-8:40PM. Get your tickets! More of the Indie Rock Reviews Top 10 at Desert Stars here.

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