Pearl Charles, despite being the drummer of The Blank Tapes, is a very fresh face in these internet music parts as a solo artist, which only speaks volumes in how quickly she has impressed across the stratosphere. We named her in our Top 10 at Echo Park Rising this year and after seeing her live at said fest, we can safely say Pearl Charles meets her mark with a robust band in support. Now we can move away from generalizing her style as stoner psych and explore the folk side of her cosmic nuances. The classic country influences are embroidered by panning, reverb and psychedelic drones building complex, captivating melodies. Pearl Charles’ Emmylou Harries meets a bit of Patsy Cline vocals glide over lyrics like, “Tell me all your secrets / I can keep them to myself.” The self-titled album, out now on Burger Records, appropriately channels the desert, her most inspirational space. Why not see Pearl Charles in her element?

Listen to “I Ran So Far” below, we’ve also got the oh-so-catchy “You Can Change” here:

Pearl Charles plays Desert Stars Festival 2k15 Friday, Sept. 25 on the Outside Stage from 2PM-2:40PM. Get your tickets! More of the Indie Rock Reviews Top 10 at Desert Stars here.

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