Who needs hallucinogenic drugs when you have psychedelic music at your fingertips? The boys from Norwegian psych-rock band Electric Eye are the providers of an elegantly composed audio acid trip.

The sound is a fusion of the neo-psychedelic drones of 60s-inspired acid rock with underlying classic rock’n’roll hooks that emulate those of The Doors. An effortless flow of atmospheric intoxication sucks you in to a place devoid of time and space; a vacuum infused with light and color. While the spacey, hallucinatory vibe is the crux of their music, there is a rock edge to it that grounds your body while allowing your mind to float freely off into the sky.

Electric Eye participated in the Psychedelic Sounds of the North tour through Scandinavia late last year after releasing their first full-length album Pick-up, Lift-off, Space, Time. Their performance at Spot Festival in Denmark over the weekend managed to draw an impressive crowd for the relatively new kids on the block in the psych music world. What started off as a few people scattered throughout the dark room expanded into quite a large gathering, and it wasn’t just the size of the crowd that was expanding. Seeing these guys live is a consciousness-expanding experience that draws you in to the depths of your own mind and forces you to take look around. I was so engulfed inside their prismatic world that I didn’t even notice how large the crowd had become until the set ended and I snapped out of my reverie to find the room full of people. Music like this has a powerful magnetic quality that draws people in- both literally and metaphorically.

It is remarkable when young talent seem to have such an enlightened insight into life, and what’s more are able to express it so vividly. Electric Eye paints the colors of an enduring lucid dream that won’t leave you feeling disappointed after you wake up, although you are certainly yearning for more. I guess that’s the unavoidable consequence of any high- you just don’t want to come back down again.


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