Seattle’s masters of indie glam, Ghost Pains, melted audience member faces and hearts with their Band In Seattle TV performance featuring the new track, “Kids For Rent”. David Martin (aka The Key Tickler) in Seattle band, Black Whales, gave an all out vocal assault to attendees in the best of ways. *As an added bonus for reading this post I’ve included a picture of Fabio hamming it up with one of the band members at Whole Foods.

Fabio with Ghost Pains

Ghost Pains are set to release a new EP, Building Mountains, this July, but feel free to listen below right now. Meanwhile, fans can expect the full performance of Band In Seattle to knock their socks off this Fall 2015, and you can catch Ghost Pains and The Life and Times this June 13th, @ 7pm!

Have a listen to their Building Mountains EP:

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