Luckily the boy/girl indie/blues duo Her Electric Fur does an excellent job of explaining themselves in their Kickstarter video, which sure does take a load off of us, thanks guys! While they may have met by chance, thanks to Katie’s search for a guitarist, Jon and Katie were inseparable from the start, learning to play an entire song together in just one day. It’s only been just over a year since the two became one, calling Echo Park, Los Angeles their home where they join Jon’s jazz guitar skills with Katie’s spoken word background for a writing process that makes them feel they are “essentially the same person in different bodies.”

Their intoxicating acoustic cover of Panic! At The Disco’s Girls/Girls/Boys has garnered nearly 10k views and rightfully so, with Katie’s soulfully spot-on vocals and Jon’s makes-it-look-easy guitar strums.

This Kickstarter campaign ends on Wednesday, July 9, but don’t wait to donate! No dollar goes unrewarded as Her Electric Fur is offering quirky options like choosing what color Katie will dye her hair and special tipsy-handwritten letters, you’ll feel like a part of the process as much as your dollars do.

Stalk Her Electric Fur:
Youtube – HerElectricFur

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