“If you Hassel the Hoff you unleach the Fury.”

The Hoff is back, with a fistful of vengeance. This time teamed up with Swedish production duo “Laser Unicorn” to create the most explosive 4 minutes of 80’s action nostalgia you never asked for. Synths, check. Keytar solo, yup. Fist pumping – it’s all there. By the time this acid-washed ride is over the only thing in your way will be the mullet in your eyes.

Ready for #TakeHoff? Feast your eyes on the 80’s icon perform the lead track “True Survivor.”

“The 80s was about fun, action, and heroes,” says David Hasselhoff. “Kung Fury has it all! I’m honored to be involved with [director] David Sandberg, an up-and-coming force of nature in the animation digital entertainment world. The song is perfect for me as I really am, in real life, a True Survivor.”

Kung Fury is the product of Swedish director David Sandberg’s brilliant vision. An over-the-top action-comedy set in 1980’s Miami and 1940’s Germany (amongst other exotic locations), the story follows the adventure’s of the chosen one as he fights nazis, dinosaurs, a super kung fu-cop called Kung Fury and more. Mainly funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, the 30-minute short will release (for free) via Youtube on May 28.


Video: David Hasselhoff is '80s Glory in "True Survivor"
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