LA-based quintet James Supercave have finally poked their head out from existential thoughts to finally tease us with a video for “The Right Thing.” Directed by friends James Kid (who also did the band’s video for “Georgian Orange”) with cinematography by Charlie Sarroff, there is so much symbolism in this video, I feel like I’m reading an excerpt from Beloved. Nevertheless, the movement is engaging and enthralling, tapping the into disoriented, crippling images that the thoughts repeating in regret and yearning look like. The borderline art installation surrealism offers visuals just as disconnected as the synapses of consciousness singer Joaquin Pastor streams though. While the video stretches over four and a half minutes, just like the lyrics say, “It disappears when you get here ’cause that’s what a good thing is.” Luckily the finale features all the viral tags necessary so I don’t have to do it myself – this lazy writer thanks you for that.

Watch “The Right Thing” for yourself:

While we adore every track on The Afternoon EP, apparently this will be the only one to go on to the full-length scheduled for release early 2016.

James Supercave is playing a handful of live dates as follows:

09/20 | West Sacramento, CA @ TBD Festival
09/27 | San Pedro, CA @ Lobster Festival
10/07 | Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge w/ Gardens & Villa
10/08 | Las Vegas, NV @ Beauty Bar w/ Gardens & Villa
10/09 | San Diego, CA @ Irenic w/ Gardens & Villa
10/10 | Pioneertown, CA @ Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace w/ Gardens & Villa

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@JamesSupercave on Instagram

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