“What would the world be without this movie?” Ain’t that right. Thirty years later, the power of Back To The Future has finally reached the day that officially puts it in the past: October 21, 2k15.

Appropriately sampling Huey Lewis and the News “Power of Love” to this hip hop track, Kosha Dillz pays his respects to the iconic film referencing it’s expectations of the future to send the positive message that now is the time to act. Kosha Dillz elaborates, “we have all learned various lessons in life. A time will come when we will have to look back at what has happened since ______, and it isn’t about what physical things we will have in the future (such as fax machines, hoverboards, and AK-47’s from Libyan Rebels). It will be about what we “give back” to our world to provide a better future.”

Produced by Nate Greenberg, “Give Back To The Future” is pumped up and fun – just like Nikes in the 80’s.

Listen to “Give Back To The Future” and hear a message from Doc Brown himself:

Kosha Dillz is playing in Downtown LA on Saturday, October 24 at The Smell.

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