Sun Drug have been teasing with a pair of outstanding videos and tracks but today is the day the debut self-titled EP has dropped. They may have changed their name (fka Vanaprasta) but the imperative elements are still here: the jaw-dropping falsettos, expansive soundscapes and core-pounding rhythms. The Silverlake, CA based collective have been long at work on the Sun Drug EP – which turns out to be something of a paraliminal – accepting change, not conceding to others and striving to be the best self.

With the guidance of Rocco DeLuca, ethereal musician in his own right, Sun Drug’s members Steven Wilkin (vocals), Collin Desha (guitar), Cameron Dmytryk (guitar) and Taylor Brown (bass) have not only figured out how to reinvent themselves but how to express this transformation through stronger music. With a firm grasp, Sun Drug layer melodies, distortion and guitar riffs battling Wilkin for the highest note. Mind you, any decent Vanaprasta fan will recognize these tracks as they were a work in progress not too long ago. “Most of the actual writing of these songs had taken place a while ago, and we spent a long time figuring out the sound and getting them to where they needed to be.” Brown continues, “This EP is a snapshot of that transition.” Regardless, these songs have been redesigned with more depth and orchestration so you’re really not hearing the same thing you think you’ve heard before.

The EP is packed with an arena-ready sound intimate enough for the dark corner of your bedroom. Kicking off with an easy hit for radio “Easy In Your Attitude” reminds us of those old Kings of Leon comparisons. Between the slow jams, “Wildman” showcases the opera-trained vocals of Wilkin while “John Fante” is a sweet pseudo-acoustic ballad reminiscent of Blindside’s “Silence” with echolocation-like strings.

Listen to the Sun Drug EP for yourself:

Grab tickets to their EP Release party in LA w/ Green Gerry and Moon Honey on June 27 here.

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Emma Trim

Emma Trim

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