I guess the day the music died for me was a couple of years ago when sifting through my email inbox, flooded with press releases, and I had to ask a friend what “normcore” was. I closed my laptop and wrote an obituary for myself on Twitter and deleted it immediately. I could just write Yelp reviews instead.

Turns out it wasn’t just new music that sucked, it was everything. Like, the fact that I worked in a predominately male-driven industry and the only girl I could hang out with was a much younger and cooler receptionist who took pictures of her nail art and published them on her wildly popular Instagram account. I listened to her existential musings about the Kardashians and rumors of a Whole Foods location in Silver Lake and she told me how they were filming the movie version of 50 Shades of Grey on the iPhone 6.

I’m not bitching about getting old because getting old rules. Your skin gets better and you make more money and you can do whatever you want. This was something else, and I blamed this bitterness on the absence of the girl tribe I was promised after I saw the movie “The Sweetest Thing” with Cameron Diaz. I missed that girl power. I missed having a strong female lead character in my indie music narrative. You know, bitches like Feist and Emily Haines and Karen O who you could aspire to be like and dress like, but also aspire to assemble your squad with and borrow handbags from and text to cancel brunch plans. I don’t know. I never considered myself a feminist, but when I came back, all these pictures of Jenny Lewis in that rainbow pantsuit were depressing me, and so was every other white girl with bangs in line at the Echoplex. I couldn’t do it. Everything was derivative. Everything “sucked.”

The 50 Shades of Grey movie didn’t get made on an iPhone. I went to confront the receptionist about it, and tell her I would be open to just being open to things that I didn’t understand, things that I used to be an asshole about. Let’s go there. I’m cool. But you know what? She wasn’t even there anymore. I learned that she quit so she could do her Instagram full-time. I contemplated killing myself. I contemplated getting bangs.

So let’s just be real. Show me stuff that doesn’t suck. Stuff that gives me feelings, and not the feeling like I can’t wait to get out of this H&M fitting room feeling. Be someone I can take seriously but don’t be someone who takes themselves seriously. That’s all I need out of this relationship.

Speaking of being a loser who takes themselves way too seriously, watch this video where Seth Wood sings “Losing Streak” with his cast of leisure-suited and mustached band in this VHS-recording.

In the overly saturated landscape of singer-songwriters, Nashville’s Seth Wood writes the soundtrack for the getaway car. He has an EP called “San Francisco,” which serves as an auspicious glimpse into the work of one very talented storyteller and vocalist.

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