We are all brothers and sisters, or as Mew calls us, Frengers, living in an online galaxy created by Mew through the power of video editing technology. In the “The Night Believer” the band collected over 2,000 fan video clips, they then sat, watched, and debated each one until they had only 1,000, all of which have been used to create a truly global video project. If you were one of the 1,000 good luck finding how Mew used your photo.

About “The Night Believer” video project: “To forge even closer ties to their dedicated fans, Mew gave themselves a challenge: They invited thousands of international fans to join in a challenging experiment: To create and participate in a music video for the song ’The Night Believer’ taken from their new album ‘+-‘.”

Mew put together a video project site, check it – http://www.mew365.com

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