NoBunny Confuses The Senses

Words : Thirst’n Howl III
Photos : Monti Smith

NoBunny will mess you up. You listen to the music beforehand and you hear an absolutely cheery sloppy poppy punk sound that careens thru ear to ear engaging a smile on the forefront of your face. So you decide to go see them live, with bubble gum masticating joyously from upper molars to lower molars and than your eyes see what NoBunny is wearing. Your eyes go crossed and your gum rolls from rear teeth to tip of your tongue ending unfortunately on the soles of some kids dirty white chucks. Nobunny is a really scary looking bunnyMAN in womens lingerie. Your ears did not prep your eyes and jaw accordingly. You are now thoroughly confused, good thing the music brings you back to this stilted reality with the joyous noise that only NoBunny can make. All your senses reconcile around your ears and everyone has a good time, brain included.

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