In their first interview following the Paris attacks, Eagles of Death Metal, who the world now knows as the rock band performing at the Bataclan that evening, requested that artists cover their song “I Love You All The Time.” With proceeds going to the victims, many bands have hardly hesitated – My Morning Jacket, Savages, The Dean Ween Group, and now Los Angeles local rock trio, The Dead Ships.

“The Paris attacks were so horribly terrifying,” says lead singer Devlin McCluskey. “Whenever these big tragic events happen, everyone just wants to help. But I know for us, we usually don’t know how – do we give blood, donate, change our Facebook profile? So when Eagles of Death Metal put out the call for people to cover their song, it felt like a small thing but something we could actually do.”

While the trio has been in their practice space demoing dozens of their own new songs, McCluskey admits that this one in particular was fun to work on. He had seen Eagles of Death Metal play at the intimate premiere of Colin Hanks’ new documentary All Things Must Pass back in October and even got to meet the band, so the attacks weren’t so distant “from home” for The Dead Ships. Tracked in their own practice space, this cover is certainly more lo-fi than the band is accustomed to but the rawness only contributes to the integrity and depth in the meaning of the song itself.

The Dead Ships released EP I earlier this year and are gearing up for an eventful 2016.

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