IRR favorite The Wilde has been keeping it fresh on a monthly basis with his special series Wilde Wednesdays and today, we are proud to be premiering the latest installment, “Rookie of the Year.” The theme of the fourth round of Wilde Wednesdays is baseball (catch that in the title?) and features Vancouver emcee, Transit.

Luke DeWilde’s slam poetry background and quick wit is put to good use in this track, using baseball as the core metaphor for DeWilde’s motivations and career, he compares tracks to being at bat and making music to playing the game. The most prominent, and unusual, characteristic of this track is the unsettling reality that is being a performer and trying to make one’s dreams come true as DeWilde sings, “I got a vision but the future’s unclear.” However, he still maintains his mission to be a clean, respectful emcee saying, “I rather be the unsung one they say stays real.” Despite being a major baseball fan, DeWilde admits the theme of the song is a derivative of Transit’s verse. DeWilde tells us, “I made the beat first and let Transit write his verse first and then wrote my other two based off his verse, so the song was pretty dependent on the themes he chose.”

The composition style sound unusual to fans of The Wilde? DeWilde says that’s exactly why I did it, “The whole Wilde Wednesdays project is about experimentation and trying new things.” The 20-year old San Francisco-based emcee, who coined mellowhop back in 2012, has always been focused on positivity, fearlessly taking on the electronic hip-hop genre and using it to motivate rather than stir controversy.

Download “Rookie of the Year” below:

The Wilde has collaborated with the likes of Open Mike Eagle, Budo, Scarub of Living Legends and more. A new track for Wilde Wednesdays comes every month!

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