The rapid growth of Leon Bridges is no surprise – from a never-heard-of to a top SXSW 2015 artist, an Apple commercial and now a headlining national tour, Bridges is the kind of story that comes only once in a while but is more than welcome.

What’s astounding is every time I think “what sets Leon Bridges apart from his predecessors?” all I can think of is time. And the utter beauty of Bridges is that despite the 60+ years since his bluesy R&B influences sang the same tunes, the style remains untouched, totally pure. Bridges is true to the craft and this dedication to authenticity spans generations, thrusting any listener back to ‘the ol’ days.’ There’s no question about Bridges’ talent – especially when you learn that the album’s opener “Coming Home” is not only a live recording, but the very first take exactly as it happened. This particular style (and excellence) caters to the raw intimacy that is so magnetizing throughout the entire record.

Pre-order Coming Home, slated for release June 23 on Columbia.

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