What do you get when you combo Nathan Williams (Wavves), Joel Williams (Sweet Valley) and Andrew Caddick (Jeans Wilder)? Spirit Club! After several months of rumors that Nathan Williams would be pushing new projects in 2015, we finally have proof. The Spirit Club LP is hardly a stones throw from what you would expect out of a project from these fine fellas – fit with guitar wobbles, grungy tones, metronome percussion, distorted vocals and winsome harmonies.

The trio’s debut is reminiscent of the Beach Boys with intricate harmonies, glistening synths, and layers upon layers of instrumentals. Nevertheless, the characteristics of the individual members still maintain integrity through off-key vocals and psychedelic surf elements.

Spirit Club was released May 12, 2015 on Ghost Ramp; recorded at Williams’ home in Los Angeles and produced by Sweet Valley.

Spirit Club will host their record release show at The Echo in LA May 27.

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