Atmospheric Silverlake, CA quintet Sun Drug have recently introduced themselves as such, formerly known as Vanaprasta. But with the name change did not come a member-turnover, more like a revision of trajectory. The excellent representation of this shift is found in the video for “Wildman.”

Using projection mapping techniques (Xbox Kinect just got real), directors Brian Randoll and bassist Taylor Brown render the “Wildman” of singer Steven Wilkin. But wait, the DIY wasn’t stop there. The real-time projections were entirely crafted by Randoll and Brown themselves, who built their own software to control the lighting (hello release show hint). The result is a sensory massage and near mind-fuck with the impression of a multi-dimensional universe coming from the screen. Finally, what is the Wildman covered in you ask? Flour and water.

Grab tickets to their EP Release party in LA here.

Listen to “Wildman” below:

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