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Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz – Album Stream

Thought you might be into listening to his new album all the way through, we were, and still are. Some of you might think this newest set of tracks are a bit over-blown, but I, Bear, feel these are some of his most accomplished and intriguing songs of his already lofty career. It's also good to hear him trying a new direction.
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Jimmy Eat World ‘Invented’ Album Review

Expectations can only go so far without making us go crazy. Luckily I had no expectations for this album and by doing so made it possible for Invented to take hold as they haven't been able to do since their Clarity days. What I would love to see for the future of Jimmy Eat World. Drop their major label, and lets see what their music can really do. I only think good things could come of it. In the meantime, Invented is an alternative rock masterpiece!
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Underworld – Barking – Album Review

Lancifer says "Mid-way through the album, the tone is changed a bit away from the steady thumping beat, to dabble in a little drum n’ bass and other broken beats. Vocals on Barking are nothing short of fitting and key to setting the tone of the album."
Braid Interview Kevin Corazza History Reunion Re-issues

Braid Interview – History, Reunion, Re-Issues

Braid was a highly influential emo/post-hardcore band from Illinois that helped define the genre in the mid to late 90s. The band played four final shows in 1999 before disbanding. They reunited for a reunion tour in 2004 playing US, Canada, and Japan dates. After much demand, in April 2010 Polyvinyl re-issued their first two full lengths as well the Movie Music volumes. I got a chance to discuss with the band their history, DVD release, influences, vinyl collections, those re-issues and so much more.
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Love Of Everything "Ghosts & Friends"

Score: 7/10 Album Review: Love Of Everything Title: Ghosts & Friends Record Label: Record Label Written by: Derek Walker No one said Bobby Burg would have it easy. For the better part of the 2000s,...