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King Dude @ The Echo 3/31

Photo by Nick Fancher King Dude, steeped in 1950's Americana like a blood-soaked Duane Eddy, yearns for a simpler time in which it was easier to discern what was truly good or bad. TJ Cowgill aka King Dude...
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ALARM PRESS’s Top 100 Unheralded Albums of 2010

For over 15 years ALARM PRESS has been the go to source for everything in music. Along with their always captivating and well informed articles, comes the always anticipated release of their Top 100 Unheralded Albums list. Their list always features great albums from every genre of music being made today. So if you are like everyone else, and live the warp speed life style, then you may just need to take a look!
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Iron & Wine “Tree By The River”

Iron & Wine's creative master mind, Sam Beam, has been whiling away the last two years of his life with the creation of his new album Kiss Each Other Clean - or one would expect that 's what he's been up to. As usual Mr. Beam's musical creations are filled with wanderlust, it's what makes him so loved by all of you today.
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Brett Detar ex-The Juliana Theory offers up free new album

It's been years since The Juliana Theory broke up. During the long hiatus fans have been waiting for a new offering from lead singer Brett Detar, but something deep down inside me sure is a thinkin' they won't be expecting the songs that compromise Bird In The Tangle to have musically taken such a direction as this. It's time to turn in your emo hair for shit kickers!

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

“Where is the best place to dance in California? San Fran-DISCO!” The joke was met with thunderous applause and ear splitting screams. MC Hammer had just finished his set and a frazzled lady was left with the job of controlling thousands of elementary school students who had come to get their “Hammertime” on.