Leopold and His Fiction @ SXSW

We were first graced with the hilarity of dinosaur angels and a shark ridin' kitten when Leopold & His Fiction were promoting a show in Austin last month. This time they are back, with angel-winged...
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YellowFever “Bermuda Triangle”

YellowFever is a name you should already know. The Austin band released a quite solid self-titled LP earlier this year through Vivian Girl's Wild World label. The boy/girl duo do liquid smooth, minimal (call it garage if you like) rock accented by Jennifer Moore's sedated, not-sooooo-girly vocals. They've now released a 6-song EP "Bermuda Triangle," and we got the title track for your downloading pleasure:
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The Strange Boys: Hear This, See Them

Calling this "Best New Music" may be misleading considering "Be Brave" comes from the Austin band's similarly-named sophomore LP--released waaaay back in February. But in my defense if this the first time you've heard The Strange Boys then it is surely "new" to you and it follows that it'll probably be one the "best" songs you've heard in a while.