Video: Nico Vega – “We Are The Art”

Last year we named Nico Vega's lead singer, Aja Volkman, one of the top female vocalists of all time. Today we bring you their newest video, no short of brilliance in songwriting and production. "We Are The...
Grouplove permeates positivity at the Bootleg Theater

Guards, Grouplove @ The Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, Ca. 1/3/11

Getting people to go to a show can be a bit of a hassle so close to the new years. People would rather keep the built up static electricity between their couch and sweatpants going in hopes of cutting down on their utility bills and the added incentive of not moving for the 3rd day straight. So the only way to actually separate anyone from their stagnation would be some serious incentive. Enter incentive. Guards, with bonus incentive, Grouplove.