Generationals "Charlemagne" video

Video: Generationals – “Charlemagne”

Another thumpingly good video by Generationals is about to stimulate your ear nodules in the form of "Charlemagne". New Orleans fans will be especially psyched with this Polyvinyl Records funded video, as it highlights their beautiful city.
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Spectrals – Get A Grip – Video

"Bad Penny is the debut album from Spectrals, aka 21 year-old Louis Jones. Mixing ingredients of pop, soul, doo wop, and a garage rock ballad, it sounds vintage but current, while the Yorkshire lilt in his...
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Hooray For Earth “Rolling/Nectarine” Music Video

Here's is a super creepy, Hooray For Earth video. Fans of vampires will love this because it has just surfaced from the hellish depths of a playful white guys mind, and includes some animated vampire qualities. "Rolling/Nectarine" and it's jangly, electro-indie, sounds come from their Momo EP. The band is finishing up with their debut album, which is to be released sometime this coming summer on Dovecote Records.