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The Get Up Kids Fan Interview

To begin, how do you feel that your new album has managed to push the envelope on originality in the music industry? That is to say, how have you managed to stay relevant after all these years in a society that is obsessed with mainstream individuals like Rhianna and Justin Beiber?
Owen - O, Evelyn ep Mike Kinsella

Owen ‘O, Evelyn’ Contest

Mike Kinsella, also known as the man behind Owen is releasing a new 7" called O, Evelyn along with a new T-shirt design. We're working with Polyvinyl to give One winner a test pressing of the 7" (only about 10 were made) + a full art copy of the 7" + a T-shirt!

La Sera preps February debut

Since joining all-female punk trio Vivian Girls during the spring of 2007 Katy Goodman's DIY-style bass playing and drifty-faded vocals have sent waves of adoration rippling throughout Brooklyn's pop punk circuit. Her newest band La Sera showcases her signature style, bringing her talent for creating dreamy pop songs even more to the forefront.

Against Me! ‘Greatest Hits’ (CONTEST CLOSED)

How well do you know the music of Against Me!? Well enough to create a "Greatest Hits" album to be chosen by the band members? I advise you get out your AgMe! collection and start making your track listing, then come back here and enter your track listing in our comment field below. Remember the members of Against Me! will be choosing the winners.

Wavves @ Madam Wongs, LA, CA

Wavves record release for their new album “King of the Beach” coincided with the last ever show at Madam Wong’s. The venue was a punk staple in LA during the late 70s and 80s when the scene was vibrant but has fallen on hard times since. After a few scattered shows late last year continuing into 2010, new owners are taking over the space, which has ended the venue’s trial run of new shows.