fever the ghost

Fever The Ghost Release Debut EP Jan 21

It feels like it has been ages since our own Z-RO explored Downtown LA with the foursome in May. But the time has finally come - the "aural gang-bang of acid-pop psychedelica," as Z-RO describes it, will...
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Luke Rathborne- Dog Years

Watch Luke Rathborne's video for "Dog Years" off of his new double EP. "While the tones change, the inspiration is largely the same. "All of the songs - on both EPs - are about being afraid of...

Wavves @ Madam Wongs, LA, CA

Wavves record release for their new album “King of the Beach” coincided with the last ever show at Madam Wong’s. The venue was a punk staple in LA during the late 70s and 80s when the scene was vibrant but has fallen on hard times since. After a few scattered shows late last year continuing into 2010, new owners are taking over the space, which has ended the venue’s trial run of new shows.