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Kreayshawn– “Gucci Gucci”

Kreayshawn has so much swag it’s pumpin’ out her ovaries. Or at least that’s what she tells us in her hit song “Gucci Gucci.” We should also take note that the Oakland City Majesty is “colder than the fridge and the freezer,” and “snatchin’ all your bitches at [her] leisure.”

Interview with Dave Wakeling of The English Beat

Dave Wakeling: "I bet your granddad was a nice guy. But I bet your granddad’s shoes don’t fit ya. And there’s no reason for your granddad’s views to fit you either. And he wouldn’t ask for them to! But politically, we’re sometimes forced into that. So put me down for Lindsay Lohan, just so you get an answer. But of all the women who’d married me in the past, they’d probably tell Lindsay Lohan to watch her step. She thinks SHE'S fire."
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Lia Ices ‘Grown Unknown’ Album Review

That tortured vibe permeates through the whole collection. Wearing a crown of flowers on the album cover, she stares at us. Holding a flower in her mouth, daring us to come near to hear her wisdom. She channels a stunning Hawaiian princess. She sounds how you imagine a troubled and hippie-ish ballerina would sound, her music doing pirouettes and spins from her luscious lips.
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Girl Talk ‘All Day’ Album Review

It’s a party play list that’s already been made for you. 12 songs, not meant to be played as separate tracks, but continuously. That’s the genius of it. You don’t know where the song ends, or begins. It all just flows, like a stream… if that stream was having a PARTY. Bump it up while your mom bastes the turkey. Unless she’s undeniably hip, she’ll probably slap you in your face.