Blonds “Dark Roots” EP Review

What did you do over Thanksgiving weekend?  Recover from your food coma, swim in your Black Friday deals, gouge your eyes from too much family interaction?  You know what Cari Rae and Jordy Asher did? They...
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Enlou – Body Of Friends Body Of Water – Album Review/Best New Music

Happy surprises are the best, like when I was a kid I punched a kid in the face and for some reason or another I didn't get in trouble, that was a happy surprise. Musically, Enlou are the happiest surprise of my year and I'm prematurely voting for Body Of Water as the best EP of the year. Everything about these songs are near perfect, I could see anyone enjoying this album from indie snobs to full blown country addicts.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

“Where is the best place to dance in California? San Fran-DISCO!” The joke was met with thunderous applause and ear splitting screams. MC Hammer had just finished his set and a frazzled lady was left with the job of controlling thousands of elementary school students who had come to get their “Hammertime” on.
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Atari Teenage Riot in Baltimore, MD

There are few shows that I wait for in anticipation like a giddy schoolboy. Atari Teenage Riot just happens to be one of those few. Can I expect any different, as Atari Teenage Riot has been a favorite of mine for well over twelve years?
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Underworld – Barking – Album Review

Lancifer says "Mid-way through the album, the tone is changed a bit away from the steady thumping beat, to dabble in a little drum n’ bass and other broken beats. Vocals on Barking are nothing short of fitting and key to setting the tone of the album."
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Broken Bells – Album Review

excerpt: While some may argue that Broken Bells is nothing ground breaking, I would say neither is space exploration anymore, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t amazing when it happens.