Doe Paoro

Watch: Doe Paoro “Hypotheticals”

Doe Paoro stars as a bike riding tourist in her video for 'Hypotheticals'. Set in the colorful, and oh so un-American cityscapes of Tulum, Mexico, it's a nod towards getting the hell out of the USA and losing ourselves in experience.

Watch: Dawes “Things Happen”

California's Dawes are looking forward to the release of their forthcoming album, All Your Favorite Bands, slated for June 2 on their own label HUB Records. In the meantime, they will be appearing on David...
Oldschool Indie Rock Photo

King Dude Embarks on West Coast Tour

T.J. Cowgill, the Pacific Northwest's darling of darkness, and frontman of King Dude comes galloping to the Echo this Thursday, September 5th. With his band of "Demon Brothers," King Dude weaves stark...