The Dead Ships Howl at EP Release Party @ Bootleg Theater [LA]

The Dead Ships played to a packed house at the Bootleg Theater on Friday, presented by KROQ’s Locals Only, so you can bet Kat Corbett was in attendance! Even celebrity unicorns Dimitri Coats of OFF! and Ryan Adams came to make this night feel even more like a Bigfoot sighting. The rock trio, joined by a fourth member, guitarist Brady Erickson (of Ross Sea Party), played a 45-minute set including fan-requested encore of the band’s cover of “Ophelia.” Erickson lent extra weight to an already full sound for the 3-piece, offering singer Devlin Mccluskey the opportunity to release his wild side howling, shredding and giving into any impulse.

“They don’t sound like anything else,” commented an audience member. The Dead Ships’ performance is an emotional roller coaster, steering through songs of growing older, love, and tragic loss driven by ingrained rhythms that speak as deeply as the lyrics themselves.

Supported by stellar performances from fellow LA locals Vs Colour and Cobalt Cranes.

Photos by Zane Roessell
Words by Britt Witt and Zane Roessell

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