The perks of being a millennial are starting to get to The Wilde. The sixth installment of #WildeWednesdays has us nostalgic yet again but this time the sinking feeling of adulthood is setting in and hopes of never growing up are just sweet reveries.

The longing in the instrumental sample of Luke DeWilde’s favorite Manchester Orchestra song, “Sleeper 1972,” hits the nail on the head, grasping the emotion in DeWilde’s contemplation, “Wishing for that teenage pain in the worst ways” and “I’ll be a man, get it together.” This may be a slow-paced one but it’s certainly an anthem of age that anyone can connect with because the nervousness and stress of getting older is simply inevitable. DeWilde doesn’t limit his inspirations for this track but does cite “a growing sense of millennial apathy, the band Why?, my dad, and a part-time job with weird hours.” On a lighter note, yes that his his sweet baby face in the picture circa ’96!

Feel the burn of growing up with “Peter Pan” below:

The Wilde has collaborated with the likes of Open Mike Eagle, Budo, Scarub of Living Legends and more. A new track for Wilde Wednesdays comes every month!

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