Echo Park 2k14 showcased some of the best performances from Gavin Turek, The Dead Ships, Kim & the Created, Gothic Tropic and more. This year some oldies are still on the table but the newbies are a whole new slice of heaven. It’s going to be HOT in Echo Park…but the music will be even hotter. Here are our favorite 10, in no particular order plus a recommended schedule. More info + VIP ticket purchase here.

1. Harriet Brown
Never mind the bowl cut and Matrix glasses, Harriet Brown is locally getting known as an Asian Prince and while we don’t disagree with the comparison, we certainly think he’s talented enough to warrant a better title than that. His single “20/15” is our favorite inspirational track of the year and his sultry stage presence is almost too good to be true.

2. No Parents
These no rules, no clothes, no crust punks are a riot. You’re laughing at the nonsensicle lyrics, getting smacked in the head by crowdsurfers and beer cans but amidst all the chaos, these dudes are pretty fucking great at throwing a party and simultaneously being excellent musicians. Who knew the two could go hand in hand?

3. Fever the Ghost
We’re wary about a daytime set on a big stage for these sci fi psych rockers but nevertheless confident that their unique talents will overcome the tribulations of performing sans trippy visuals and likely their amazing new black suits.

4. Vinyl Williams
Vinyl Williams is the kind of lose-your-mind psych we all need a dose of daily. Long rabbit holes of swelling soundscapes and scratching riffs await you.

5. Kera & The Lesbians
Wherever this band goes, they will always be on our must-see list. Captivating, enthralling, exciting folk rock with a hint of Elvis Presley mixed with world music. Kera is simply a sight to behold.

6. New Technology
Debuting at the New Professor label showcase, New Technology is a band, but it isn’t. They’re more of a tale of music coming together rather than people bringing it together. This is post-punk for the weary of technology, the lover of sounds and the open-minded. Is that you?

7. Liphemra
Bond with Liphemra over broken hearts, the rapid mood swings, peaking highs and lows. The grungy electronic tracks are rounded out by a full band, including a show-stealing guitarist that shreds.

8. Veronica Bianqui
She’s gorgeous. That’s not why we like her but it sure makes it easier to swoon over her serenades about love & things. You may recognize her as the guitarist from The Blank Tapes but her solo jams are a whole new world.

9. Melted
Punk rock for the punk that likes to hear real musicians play their instruments. With jangling guitars that borderline surf rock, they’re a lot more accessible to the layman’s ear.

10. Pearl Charles
Who doesn’t like a hot chick with stoner psych? We’re sure into it and so is everyone else going bananas over her recent single “You Can Change.” This is basically your only chance to see her for free before she opens for Nick Waterhouse and Johnathan Rice and then goes onto who knows what!

Runner Up: The Birth Defects
Whether or not you’re a metalhead, you can’t deny the Birth Defects’ headbanging, sweat slinging metal perfectly shred and chock full of cursing. Their album First 8 Mistakes was produced by Ty Segall and released on Nathan Williams (Wavves) record label Ghost Ramp so…no need for speculation here.

Our recommended schedule:
430: Kera & the Lesbians @ Liberty [main stage] **
510: Phoebe Bridgers @ Echoplex
520: Vug Arakas @ Lost Knight
530: Fever the Ghost @ Liberty [main stage] **
630: Melted @ Echo **
740: Dark Waves @ Taix Champagne Room (solo)
8PM: Rudy de Anda @ Lolipop Records
830: SWIMM @ Echoplex
830: The Herms @ Lot 1
920: Gateway Drugs @ Echoplex
1040: Veronica Bianqui @ Lost Knight **
11PM: No Parents @ Echo **

SoFar Sounds LA | Hopefully you RSVP’d
140: Smoke Season @ Lost Knight
3PM: JJUUJJUU @ Blue Collar Working Dog
330: New Technology @ 1545 Sunset Blvd **
415: Veronica Bianqui @ Spacedust
5PM: Kim & the Created @ Blue Collar Working Dog
515: Batwings Catwings @ Lot 1
530: No Parents @ Liberty [main stage]
6PM: The Squids @ Lolipop Records
6PM: La Lenguas @ Lot 1
6PM: Traps PS @ Echoplex
650: Harriet Brown @ Echoplex **
620: Mr Elevator & the Brain Hotel
645: janelane @ Lolipop Records
650: Criminal Hygiene @ 1545 Sunset Blvd
7PM: Send Medicine @ Whole Body Method East
8PM: Deap Vally @ Liberty [main stage]
850: Hanni El Khatib @ Liberty [main stage]
9PM: Liphemra @ Taix Champage Room **
9PM: Vinyl Williams @ Lost Knight **
1030: Gateway Drugs @ Lolipop Records

1230: Gal Pals @ Echoplex
1PM: Rainbow Jackson @ Origami Vinyl
1PM: Bones Muhroni @ Echo Patio
215: Leggy Peggy @ Little Joy
3PM: Nightjacket
6PM: Frankie Rose @ Origami Vinyl
610PM: La Lenguas @ Little Joy
620: VerBS @ Lost Knight
630: Sloppy Jane @ Lot 1
650: TÜLIPS @ Taix Champagne Room
7PM: Rainbow Jackson @ Lost Knight
720: The Birth Defects @ Echoplex
8PM: Pearl Charles @ Little Joy **
8PM: Ivory Deville @ Echo Patio
9PM: Jackson Tanner @ Echo Patio
930: BODEGAS @ Lot 1

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