If you’ve been waiting anxiously for this drop since the single release of Campo in 2014 then thank your lucky stars. South Carolina-based Toro y Moi’s 2015 release What For? is solid from start to finish and does not disappoint. If Seals and Croft decided to rock a little harder and make some dance floor tracks this would be it. Chaz Bundick’s soft harmonized voice is velvety smooth, which synergizes with the token layered guitar, bass and synth. Similar to Anything in Return, the album is infused with 70’s groove vibes that make you want to dance on shag carpeting. It’s made my shower time infinitely more fun and I have A LOT of hair to wash.

Listen to “Buffalo”:

Certain tracks like “The Flight” and “Empty Nesters” are a bit more in pop territory, garnering commercial appeal although lacking the dynamics of other What For? songs. What the lyrics lack in depth and poeticism is made up for in their catchiness. Soon enough you’ll be singing along. These few tracks are far from offensive but don’t have the charms of standouts like “Buffalo” and “Lilly.” Dreamy guitars and funk infused bass feel like an expanded version of Air’s early work with the more organic and warm toned elements of Chaz’ boyish vocals. I may not have had the good fortune of growing up in the 70’s but this album takes you there without having to live through the Nixon era. What For? is worth dropping your needle on.

Hear Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Ruban Nielson’s influence in “Lilly”:

Released Apr 6, 2015 on Carpark Records.

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Album Review: Toro Y Moi 'What For?'
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