You don’t have to Google Danny Nogueiras to find this nostalgic power pop, just No Win. While the name may pop up with relations to LA rioters FIDLAR (Max Kuehn does play drums here), there is little resemblance unless you’re talking about the familial vibes that emanate from the core of both projects. Although the moniker implies negativity, Nougueiras told Noisey, “It’s sort of similar to what the song’s about where it’s like, “Fuck a win.” Like, fuck a win, no win. It seemed to be something that’s like kind of dismissive of the whole attitude of winning or losing.” The former singer of indie rock outfit Brown and Blue (which made it’s way to MTV once, now they’re on hiatus), Nogueiras showcases his strength in songwriting while embracing the beauty that comes from a family of supportive friends.

Back to the nostalgia: “Heart Knowing Rest” is a sweet throwback to the better side of 2000’s emo-rock with fuzzed out melodies and Saves the Day vocals sitting in the same plane without sounding safe or predictable. It’s catchy and it maturely caters to teenage angst…well, all creative angst for that matter.

Listen to “Heart Knowing Rest”:

No Win is not on tour but will be supporting The Quarterbacks at The Echo in Los Angeles on July 11.

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Track: No Win "Heart Knowing Rest"
Feeling The Nostalgia85%
Not Mad At It90%
I Came Here for the FIDLAR Tag0%
Anxiously Awaiting More90%
88%Overall Score
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