Having grown up in the Salt Lake City straight-edge hardcore scene and watching Vice’s “New York Hardcore” Under The Influence gave me a slice of nostalgia and justification for being a part of that movement. As the video demonstrates, many truly influential people, music, and movements came out of it.

Today, most people just don’t get it, they are too busy with waxing their hipster beards and shit, but lets examine a few video moments; for instance, the video talks about how one hardcore band, Youth of Today, basically influenced an entire generation of kids and bands to become vegan. Before then most people, let alone teenage kids, had never heard of veganism, “it’s some next level shit”. Just look at clothing styles people wear today, so much of it comes from hardcore. The same goes with some of the music you listen too, it’s straight up hardcore influenced – that new Refused album coming out, yup, it’s old school, how about that new Mutoid Man album, same. That uber-cool clean green diet you are trying out, yeah, that too. How about the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) being written about by health gurus far and wide, yeah, straight up hardcore shit.

Just because musicians and bands evolve doesn’t mean the movement and message isn’t relevant today. In fact, we need music that will kick our asses to think outside the box, and get kids doing something positive with their lives. Lord knows they need all the help they can get.

Since its time the hardcore and straight-edge music scene has been unrivaled, no other scene today even comes close to the passion it carried or the influence it has made. What, you think Katy Perry and the league of media made musicians is influencing kids today in a good way? Not unless you want an STD.

In the end, if you want an education in music history watch Under The Influence “New York Hardcore”, and impress your friends.

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