Dreaming of laying on your belly on a furry carpet, smoking a cigarette and listening to records all day? So are we. Especially when Veronica Bianqui is the one spinning. The LA-based songstress spans genres, although mostly nestling herself somewhere between 60’s pop and 70’s groove. Bianqui has been wandering the local LA music scene for some time, singing in Jail Weddings, providing back-up for Isaac Rother and the Phantoms and supporting The Blank Tapes with her guitar prowess. Now trying the solo game, her title single “If Love’s A Gun” is fast-paced, fun and certainly not just for girls. Bianqui opens the track sweetly singing, “If love’s a gun, you’re my trigger, babe…If love’s a gun, I’m better off dead” with a speedy glide into surf-rock jangling guitars with layers of bubblegum harmonies and a snappy finish. Cheeky lyrics like “I like it rough, and you like it round” give Bianqui a level-up from girl next door to girl you want to be seen cruising town with.

Listen to “If Love’s A Gun” below:

Bianqui’s debut EP is slated for release via Lolipop Records, hopefully sooner than later. We can’t tell you much about it but we can divulge that no song is the same and Bianqui keeps a refreshing power-girl momentum along with some foreign language to match her studies in ethnomusicology.

Watch the video featuring photos by Casey ‘Ceethreedom’ Lewis:

If you’re in Hollywood, catch her residency at Harvard & Stone every Tuesday in September.

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