The first single off The Wilde’s upcoming album is paired with a video for it’s release. Just as Luke DeWilde’s previous tracks invoke motivation and inspiration, “SFO ✈ SYD” is no different, harking more on Luke’s roots and devotion to his trade. Slowing it down to really put the mellow in mellowhop, he speaks of fruit snacks and video games to yes, traveling to Sydney and being inspired by the upside down perspective of the land down under, namedrops Billy Madison and Bliss N Eso – “I’ll strive to be their equal and transcend the ego.”

With every track, The Wilde grows stronger in production, taking command of his lyricism. Produced by Budo (Grieves/Macklemore), “SFO ✈ SYD” has an elegant and smooth beat, elevated by a graceful soul trumpet riff with gentle R&B guest vocals by Natalie Sullivan. Yet still a couple things to learn, there is no doubt The Wilde will take the hip hop world by his own, benevolent storm.

Luke is truly a product of his surroundings, maintaining a good-vibes mentality to keep his head up and his faith strong. This generation is desperate for a positive voice and The Wilde holds the potential to be just that.

Directed by David Grunzweig, peep the video debut below!

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