Everything you’d expect from LA’s HEALTH is finally here. After 6 years of the back and forth tug-o-war with our hearts, HEALTH has announced a new album and tour with their new music video “New Coke.” Death Magic, with the help of The Haxan Cloak, engineers Lars Stalfors (Mars Volta) and Andrew Dawsom (Kanye West), is the follow-up for 2009’s Get Color and 2007’s self-titled debut. The album in all of it’s excellence, certainly showcases a change in the band’s taste in music which explains the electro sub bass you are soon to be bombarded with, but still adheres to the old noise and madness HEALTH is known for.

Get ready for slo-mo vomits and strobing flashbacks of your nights out:

Death Magic is slated for release on August 7, tracklist below:
“Men Today”
“Flesh World (UK)”
“Courtship II”
“Dark Enough”
“New Coke”
“L.A. Looks”
“Hurt Yourself”
“Drugs Exist”

Hot off a tour with Interpol, HEALTH will be at Austin Psych Fest (in Austin, TX) on May 9.

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